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High Time that Institutes Should include Industry Aligned Courses in Curriculum!

It's high time that the institutions should revamp the curriculums....

NAAC’s Emphasis on Digitization of Classrooms

A decade ago, teaching and learning practices were completely different from what it is today, all thanks to...

Specialized Degrees, and their Soaring Demand

Every year, close to 4 crore students walk out as fresh graduates through the college...

What Does the Classroom of The Future Look Like?

Classrooms have already transformed into digital hubs as a result of technology. In many nations, most classrooms have internet connectivity, chalkboards...

Tips for the Young, Bright & Jobless - 10 Ways to Succeed As a Young Professional in the Job Market After College

Being a graduate fresh out of college is probably the most exciting phase in a youngster’s life...

How is Technology Revolutionizing the Education System Today?

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted several sectors, but none more pronounced than education...

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