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NAAC Rating and Significance of Digital Classrooms

With the constant evolution of ed-tech, the scope of learning and teaching activities has been...

Top 7 Tech Trends Giving Students a Competitive Edge!

In today’s fast-paced life, technology has taken over the reign of the world...

Which One to Choose: A Specialized Degree or a College?

The world of Education has changed and evolved over the years, especially in...

High Time that Institutes Should include Industry Aligned Courses in Curriculum!

It's high time that the institutions should revamp the curriculums....

NAAC’s Emphasis on Digitization of Classrooms

A decade ago, teaching and learning practices were completely different from what it is today, all thanks to...

Specialized Degrees, and their Soaring Demand

Every year, close to 4 crore students walk out as fresh graduates through the college...

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