Union Budget 2023: Analysis of the Education Allocation

  • CalendarOn February 6, 2023

The Union Budget 2023 was recently announced by the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, with a total allocation of INR 1,12,899 crores to the Education sector. This shows a whopping 8.26% increase compared to the previous budget estimate of Rs 92,224 crores. Some critical areas stressed during the reveal were teacher training, digital education, digital universities, job creation, agricultural universities, skill development, etc.

The Union Budget 2023 has increased the allocation to the Education sector by 8.26%

The budget for the Ministry of Education has been divided into two sections, one for the Department of School Education and Literacy and the other for the Department of Higher Education. The allocation for the school education department is INR 68,804 crores, and for the higher education department is INR 44,094 crores.

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Primary Areas of Focus Under Education Budget

1. Digital Education: The Government plans to establish a digital university that will virtually offer students top-notch education. Additionally, they will be improving digital infrastructure in rural areas through the Vibrant Villages Programmes, which will provide access to educational TV channels. 

2. Skill Development & Vocational Education: The primary focus is skilling programs, as the pandemic has significantly impacted this field. The Skill Hub Initiative and DESH-Stack e-portal will be launched for the youth's skilling, upskilling and reskilling. The National Skill Qualification Framework will be aligned with dynamic industry needs. 

3. Specialized Learning: The budget highlights the importance of technical learning in higher education, specifically focusing on agriculture and urban planning. To this end, state authorities will revise and update the curricula of agricultural universities, while five existing institutions will be designated as centres of excellence in urban planning. Each designated institution will receive a grant of INR 250 crores to support this initiative. 

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4. E-learning in Regional Languages: The budget addresses learning loss due to school closures during the pandemic. The "One class, one TV channel" program will be expanded to provide supplementary education in regional languages. Teachers will be encouraged to develop e-content in different languages, and a competitive mechanism will be established to promote quality e-content. 

5. Mental Health: The government plans to increase the number of mental health institutions and extend mental health services to rural areas. Additionally, e-Manas, a software platform for mental health management, will be integrated with telehealth services to provide a comprehensive platform for mental health care.

6. Job Creation: Provisions have been developed to address unemployment issues among the youth. The government aims to create 60 lakh jobs in 14 sectors through PM Gati Shakti and the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme. The animation, gaming, and comics sector is expected to play a significant role in creating new employment opportunities, and the government will support startups in generating job opportunities.

All in all, the Union Budget 2023 has allocated a significant amount of funds towards the education sector, focusing on both secondary and higher education. The government's goal is to ensure that every student has access to quality education and the necessary resources to succeed. 

Through implementing innovative programs and schemes, investing in technology and digital education, and improving infrastructure, the government aims to create a strong foundation for the future of education in India.

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