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Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) Mandatory for HEIs, says UGC

Recently, University Grants Commission chairman Mr Jagadesh Kumar made an announcement that every Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the country that provides online and distance learning courses has to create an Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)...

Decoding the National Credit Framework (NCrF): A Framework to Democratize Education

Following the vision of the National Education Policy(NEP) 2020, making education more holistic and practical with an emphasis on the integration of general education, vocational education, and experiential learning, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan unveiled the initial draft of...

UGC, AICTE and NCTE to be merged into single Higher Education Commission of India (HECI)

In India, Education is included in the concurrent list of government, which implies that both Union and States can enact laws on it. In addition, the centre can determine standards for...

Demystifying the Fat Salary Packages

With the placement season fast approaching, the media is back with the hype around massive salary packages. White spaces in every newspaper seem to be filled with breaking news drawing a rosy picture of the placement scenario where...

Demystifying the Fat Salary Packages

Recently, during the months of July to September 2022, Common University Entrance Test for Undergraduate courses or the CUET-UG was conducted across the country...

Digital Universities Will Promote Exponential Growth Of Online Education: UGC Chairman

Recently, the University Grants Commission (UGC) collaborated with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to enable ...

NAAC Rating and Significance of Digital Classrooms

With the constant evolution of ed-tech, the scope of learning and teaching activities has been...

Top 7 Tech Trends Giving Students a Competitive Edge!

In today’s fast-paced life, technology has taken over the reign of the world...

Which One to Choose: A Specialized Degree or a College?

The world of Education has changed and evolved over the years, especially in...

High Time that Institutes Should include Industry Aligned Courses in Curriculum!

It's high time that the institutions should revamp the curriculums....

NAAC’s Emphasis on Digitization of Classrooms

A decade ago, teaching and learning practices were completely different from what it is today, all thanks to...

Specialized Degrees, and their Soaring Demand

Every year, close to 4 crore students walk out as fresh graduates through the college...

What Does the Classroom of The Future Look Like?

Classrooms have already transformed into digital hubs as a result of technology. In many nations, most classrooms have internet connectivity, chalkboards...

How is Technology Revolutionizing the Education System Today?

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted several sectors, but none more pronounced than education...

How has the Indian Education System Evolved over the Years?

Transformation of the education system is the key to a developing nation...

How Can We Bring About a Revolution in Education Through Platforms Like UpGrad?

Online education is any learning that takes place over the internet...

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