Industry Ready Specialization Program

Our collaborative Industry Ready Specialization Program allows universities and upGrad Campus to join hands in offering informative and engaging courses with new-age specialization. It combines the best of the industry experts and cutting-edge delivery that ensures students are equipped with the right skill sets for the future job market.

Outcome Based Learning

Skill Gap

New age specialization

Outcome Based Learning

All our courses and programs have been carefully selected to ensure that students get the greatest possible learning experience. The students take up courses with a certain goal of developing skills or gaining knowledge and they have to complete the goal by end of the course.

Bridging Skill Gap

upGrad Campus assists educators in identifying skill gaps in students and resolving them bridging the distance between academia and industry making them ready to tackle real-world problems.

Performance Tracking

Get a suite of course administration, student learning tools, and reporting that work together to help you strategize your teaching style by getting insights from students' performance.

Powerful Notification and Analytics

Our cutting-edge technology sends regular updates and reminders about the course developments to the students to keep the engagement and enthusiasm alive.

Interactivity for High Engagement

Using interactive tools such as live quizzes and polls to enhance the learning experience of the student by keeping them motivated and included in the process.

Implementing Acquired Skill

There are various levels of projects, both group and individual, that will allow one to have a hands-on experience of the learning process which will reinforce what has been taught throughout the program.

Technology Programs

Our technology programs include new age specializations in various fields

Management Programs

Our management programs include specializations in various upcoming fields

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Disclaimer: The success of job placement/interview opportunities depends on various factors including but not limited to the

individual's qualifications, experience, and efforts in seeking employment. Our organization makes no guarantees or

representations regarding the level or timing of job placement/interview opportunities.

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