Dual Degrees Will Make Global Education Affordable for Indian Students: UGC Chief

  • CalendarOn January 9, 2023

Professor M. Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC), has announced that dual degree programs will make global education more affordable for Indian students. During a discussion on various issues, including the New Education Policy and plans to allow overseas universities to establish campuses in India, He also went on to emphasize the potential benefits of dual degree programs for Indian students. 

What are Dual Degree Programs?

Dual degree programs are exclusive academic programs that allow students to earn two degrees concurrently, typically from two different institutions or from the same institution but in different departments or fields of study. 

These programs allow students to combine the coursework and requirements of both degrees into a single, integrated program of study. Dual degree programs are often structured so that students can complete both degrees in a shorter period of time than it would take to earn each degree separately. 

Guidelines for Dual Degree Programs by UGC

Here are the guidelines for dual degree programs offered by the UGC

  • A student can enrol in two full-time academic programs as long as the class schedules do not overlap.
  • A student can pursue one full-time physical course and one online or open, distance learning course.
  • Students can combine two online programs for a total of two online programs.
  • Students must be able to manage the coursework and scheduling requirements of multiple degree programs concurrently.

How are Dual Degree Programs Beneficial?

For Students:

  1. Specialization in New-age Domains: Dual degree programs allow students to specialize in emerging fields or technologies that may not be covered by traditional degree programs. It helps students thrive in the rapidly evolving job market. 
  2. Broader Learning Experience: Dual degree programs provide students with the opportunity to learn from different faculty members and experts in their field, which can offer valuable insights and perspectives as well as research opportunities, enhancing their educational experience.
  3. Increased Employability and Career Flexibility: Earning a dual degree gives students flexibility in their career paths by providing a broader range of skills and knowledge to draw upon to make students more competitive in the job market. 

For Higher Education Institutions:

  1. Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Dual degree programs can foster interdisciplinary collaboration between departments and colleges, or colleges and ed-tech companies enhancing the educational experience for students by creating a more integrated and diverse learning environment.
  2. Increasing Enrollment and Retention Rates: The programs can also help colleges retain students who may have otherwise transferred or dropped out, as they offer a more personalized and tailored educational experience that may not be available through traditional degree programs.
  3. Improving Graduate Outcomes: Dual degree program certifications can lead to better outcomes for graduates, as they are more likely to have a diverse range of skills and knowledge that make them more competitive in the job market.

upGrad Campus Joint Degree Programs

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