High Time that Institutes Should include Industry Aligned Courses in Curriculum!

  • CalendarOn July 14, 2022

In today’s fast-paced world, Higher Education Institutes(HEIs) mean to students much more than just getting a degree. They are also about preparing oneself for the big world of employment opportunities awaiting after graduation. But how is one supposed to do that while juggling assignments, exams, essays, presentations, group projects, case studies, socializing, and everything else that a student has on their table?

One option to tackle this problem is internships. Let's admit that internships are a great way to transition into the workforce. But, most internships do not often prove to be fruitful. Interns are usually burdened with responsibilities without actually getting sufficient training for the job-fitment.

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Blockchain, and Data Science are transforming the world digitally. However, finding internships in these sectors without experience is a herculean task due to a clear mismatch between the industry expectations and the traditional academic curriculum at HEIs currently. Hence, to bridge this gap there is a dire need for innovative offerings.

One such solution to tackle this problem is aligning the student’s curriculum with industry-relevant programs and specializations. With a great curriculum that is designed as per industry relevance and built for hands-on experience, students will be able to follow benefits:

  • Job Ready Skills and Employability

    Getting placed with a good job and role is hard in today's world as students seldom meet the required skill set. Having an industry-aligned curriculum prepares a student to acquire the necessary exposure and knowledge of the industry.

  • Learn Cutting Edge Technology

    Technology is changing at a fast pace and students need to be updated and technically sound in order to set a good foot in their careers.

    An institute that integrates advanced tools and techniques as a part of its curriculum is helping students excel in important areas.

  • Better Placement and Packages

    Domains like AIML and Business Analytics need in-depth knowledge and the right certifications as they are very broad in scale. That is why there is high demand and thus, packages on the higher side as well.

    The inclusion of these new-age certification programs in the curriculum makes it feasible for students to pursue them and encourage them to get on their own.

  • Saving Time

    Industry-aligned courses and certifications save the time of students by making their resumes substantial and making them more employable. They can be productive from day one of their new jobs and do not have to undergo extensive corporate training. Networking opportunities during these courses also help students in landing job opportunities faster than their counterparts because of the increased awareness and industry knowledge.

Industry Relevant Courses for Institutions

We, at upGrad Campus, have a mission to bridge the industry-academia gap in Indian Higher Education Institutions by bringing their curricula in line with industry requirements.

We provide a host of industry-aligned Technology and Management programs in highly in-demand specializations like AIML, Data Science, Blockchain, Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Full Stack Development, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Product Management, etc. in the following 2 models to institutions:

  • Job Ready Certification Programs: This offering is designed to prepare every student on campus for the competitive job market. Throughout the program, students are equipped with in-demand skills and new-age specialization, which in turn, boosts the institution’s placements both in terms of roles and CTC offered.

  • Joint Degree Programs: A collaborative partnership of upGrad Campus with Higher Educational Institutes that enables them to offer students engaging programs and new-age specializations. These programs are a perfect blend of learning these new-age courses directly from industry experts and implementing the gained knowledge via hands-on projects. The result is that students become confident and job-ready.

Industry-aligned and new-age courses are the future of Higher Education!

If you are a part of a college/university and want to start offering industry-aligned programs with new-age specializations to your students, upGrad Campus is your one-stop destination. With Industry Experts teaching students to 100% Placement Assistance to the students, we have designed our Programs to catalyze the growth of Indian Colleges and Universities.

For any details, kindly drop a mail to us at campus.sales@upgrad.com.