NAAC Rating and Significance of Digital Classrooms

  • CalendarOn October 13, 2022

With the constant evolution of ed-tech, the scope of learning and teaching activities has been redefined in the recent past. Today, higher education goes hand in hand with innovative technology - especially since the advent of smart classrooms has opened more doors for students in terms of flexibility and better facilities.

Digital infrastructure has indeed become a crucial aspect of campuses. Classrooms equipped with the latest technology help provide a stronger ecosystem for the higher education institute by creating a more engaging learning environment, improving knowledge retention, providing easier access to information, and creating multiple learning opportunities for educators to deliver impactful lectures.

Today, India’s educational growth is witnessing an upward trend in modern digital infrastructure and learning resources. Colleges and universities are given a higher NAAC rating if they have adequate facilities for teaching and learning. To obtain a higher NAAC rating, institutions strive to have -

  • Adequate physical facilities on campus, i.e., classrooms, laboratories, seminar halls, conference rooms, libraries, computing equipment, etc.
  • Strong IT infrastructure, i.e., ICT-enabled facilities like LCD screens, smart boards, WiFi/LAN capabilities with excellent bandwidth, audio-video recording facilities, etc. in the Classrooms help the Campuses build a decent ecosystem for its students to rely upon.
  • Proper IT policy has appropriate budgetary provisions for upgrading IT and digital facilities on the Campus, especially classrooms.
  • Student to Computer Ratio gives students excellent access to WiFi/LAN/leased lines and access to equipment.
  • E-Content Development ensures the creation of high-quality courses to create a competitive e-learning environment.
  • Audiovisual Capturing Systems with a good percentage of the classrooms and seminar halls with ICT-enabled facilities.

A strong digital mindset helps universities advance their success rate; the long-term digital infrastructure helps institutions scale their internal systems and provide students with the support they need to excel irrespective of the circumstances - especially if it involves studying remotely.

In addition to being cost and time-effective, digital classrooms are gaining immense popularity since they help students undertake immersive educational experiences, improve the overall peer interaction, and provide a more personalized feedback/recommendation system.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, what started out as dependency on digital infrastructure has now converted into a stronger educational environment with e-learning taking the hot seat and offering students a more inclusive educational experience.

With the aid of video conferencing tools and e-learning software, students in smaller towns and cities, underprivileged communities, and even working professionals with less time can greatly benefit in terms of broadening their productivity and competence, creating a greater talent pool of skilled manpower.

upGrad Campus: One-stop solution for digitizing classrooms

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Technology is overtaking various aspects of our lives, and education is no different. Many Higher Education Institutes are already using a hybrid of traditional and digital learning tools to support efficient learning.

With an increasing number of institutes adopting the revolution in technology, digital classrooms are undoubtedly the future of education.

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