NAAC’s Emphasis on Digitization of Classrooms

  • CalendarOn July 11, 2022

A decade ago, teaching and learning practices were completely different from what it is today, all thanks to the rapidly changing technology. Our world is getting digitized at an enormous speed and this revolution has made life much easier. From tax to taxi, we can get difficult tasks done in just a few taps.

This advancement has brought tremendous changes in almost all industries. The educational sector is no exception. Digital innovations have touched education more productively and taken it to the next level.

Digitization has brought a new incarnation to the education system of India. It has changed the overall framework of education and eased the way of teaching and learning through responsive resources, user-friendly learning modules, self-learning methodologies, and interactive sessions. It is for this reason that the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has made it a requirement to have a digitally equipped infrastructure in every higher education institution for its rating criterion.

The National Assessment and Accreditation Center (NAAC) ratings are mandatory for all higher education institutes and are one of the crucial factors for any institute’s image in the student community.

NAAC’s periodical examination of the overall quality of educational institutions not only measures the teaching and learning processes but also the environment in which these activities take place.

To prove that the institution is indeed a great place to learn and disperse knowledge, it becomes important that educational institutes embrace well-equipped ICT Infrastructures.

NAAC Criterion:

Section 4.3 on ICT Infrastructure: ICT is part of digitization. All Higher Education Institutions(HEIs) are supposed to provide ICT facilities on campus for use by their students and staff. Lots of new tools are being developed which have the potential for making the teaching-learning process effective. The institution should try to make available the latest ICT Infrastructure for use by their students and staff.

How Digitization of Classrooms Helps Learners

  • Personalized Learning: Not all students learn in the same way. The way of learning varies from student to student. In the traditional classroom setting, the learner is forced to gulp down large chunks of information in real-time, although running notes help to an extent, revisiting them as a whole concept is practically impossible. With digital transformation in the education sector, it is possible to overcome this issue. Digital learning enables students to learn anytime and anywhere, access additional resources, and watch lectures during revisions.

  • Hassle-free Sharing: The traditional classroom system relied heavily on students maintaining multiple copies of hand-written notes containing information provided by teachers during classroom hours or acquired through research in the library, but the digitalization of the education system changes everything. Now preserving and sharing educational information is just a click away which saves students a lot of time and physical labor.

  • High Engagement Learning: Traditional classroom systems provide limited scope for engagement as its forces at work include limited factors like textbooks, an instructor, and hand-written notes, whereas the digitized education system offers a wide range of choices to learn from. The unlimited availability of resources makes every session extremely innovative and engaging. Resources like polls, quizzes, and discussion boards increase learner engagement and spark curiosity and interest in studies.

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