Live Classrooms

upGrad Campus online classrooms offers a platform to conduct online classes, wherein institutions can conduct both live online sessions as well as on-demand video based learning. The Impartus product suite has rich features for large moderated online sessions as well as interactive learning at one’s own pace.

A Platform to Conduct Online Classes

upGrad Campus provides a platform to conduct online classes, the institutions can use our platform to conduct both online classes as well as on-demand video based learning.

Multiple Parallel Sessions

The institute can conduct multiple parallel live classes at the same time with high quality live streaming to large audience, without facing any latency issue by using our highly reliable system.

Advanced features for Teaching Purpose

Features such as Advance search, analytics, Bookmarks, Polls and Discussion Forums with trending topics will help the students and teachers engaging in the academic activities.

Easy Whitelabelling and Seamless Integration

This feature allows institutes to avail the facility of Whitelabelling and seamless integration with Moodle, Blackboard, D2L and other LMSs to aid in the development of their brand.

Deep Analytics

Analytics features assist teachers in tailoring and improving the teaching approach by capturing a range of student data and can monitor the livestream audience by controlling the various permissions such as audio, video and chat.

Robust Security

The platform offers robust security/encryption to keep your classroom safe from unauthorized access. This ensures uninterrupted classes and protects teachers' and students' sensitive information or private details.

Product Highlights

We provide a platform where institutions can conduct Live online sessions as well as on-demand video based learning.

Our Partners

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